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Hurricane Candles

Made from translucent wax, this candle presents a most unusual tealight holder. Dried flowers, shells and fruit are pressed into cooling wax to give the candle a wonderfully natural look.

Each candle is gently fragranced and supplied with a glass base and a scented tealight.

Ensure the wax outer is placed correctly on the base and as long as you are not tempted to use a larger candle, the outer sheath will stay intact and can be used again and again.

Size:  10 cm high and 10 cm in diameter 

Please note: these candles are handmade and each one is individual and not exactly as pictured.

Never leave candles unattended and burn on no-flammable surface, 

Also available as an electric Lamp, with our LED Lamp base.

  • £10.99

    Hurricane Candles - Apple, Orange & Cinnamon, Red

    Rich red, transparent wax decorated with dried apple, orange and cinnamon sticks. An unusual candle gift for the Festive Season

  • £10.99

    Hurricane Candles - Flowers

    Daisies and dried leaves are pressed into translucent wax and delight the flower lover with its delicate light.

  • £10.99

    Hurricane Candles - Fern

    Delicate Ferns are pressed into red wax to achieve this translucent, unusual candle.