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Eco Palm Wax Candles


About Palm Wax Candles

Vegetable Palm Wax is made from fruit of oil palm trees, if farmed ecologically it is organically sustainable and biodegradable. Palm Wax in its natural state is pure white with a crystal structure that gives the candle its unique appearance. Palm wax burns calm and free of smoke. With its very high melting point and hardness palm wax candles are very stable. Watch a lace like net forming around the edge of the candle when burning,


About Palm Wax production

Palm oil has negative connotations in a world where the wellbeing of our planet should be at the forefront of our minds.

Most of the harvested palm oil is used by the food industry with a very small fraction sourced by candle producers. Where and how this wax is produced is of utmost importance. All KERZENFARM used and manufactured palm wax is by certified RSPO producers. And we are proud to support these small family farms in Indonesia who are rejuvenating the land with their sustainable palm-wax production. Regular controls assure support and sustainability of this important project.