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Candle Sets, Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

SKU 0103VAL1-6-Klimt

Masterpieces Illuminated. Boxes of Candles inspired by the colours of-

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

Gustav Klimt’s renowned masterpiece, “The Kiss,” originated in 1906, marking the culmination of his illustrious Gold Phase. This larger-than-life painting, spanning an impressive 6 x 6 feet, resides in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. Adorned with a golden powder coating and a luminous gold frame, it captivates viewers with its shimmering colours, dazzling beauty, and profound symbolism.

 The Kiss depicts a couple locked in a passionate embrace, veiled in a golden cloak adorned with contrasting patterns reflective of the Arts and Crafts design movement. Klimt boldly explores themes of sensuality, intertwining bodies, soft lips, and the secrecy of embraces, pushing artistic boundaries.

 Beneath the lovers lies a meadow of flowers, reinforcing the symbolism of love and emphasising Klimt’s belief in nature’s pivotal role in the delicate balance of the world. The painting’s profound symbolism underscores the interconnectedness of love, spirituality, and the divine. Unveiled to the public, The Kiss immediately captivated hearts, prompting the Viennese government to acquire it for its national significance.

 Regardless of individual interpretations, there’s no denying that Klimt’s The Kiss stands as an iconic representation of love, forever etching its place in art history.

 The perfect gift for Valentines or any other day on which you feel moved to declare your undying love.