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Candlelight transforms a space and adds a warm glow.

If you are looking to create a peaceful atmosphere, our calm, slow-burning candles are a winner for you. 

  • Clean, unpolluted paraffin wax
  • Long burn-times
  • Smoke-free
  • Drip-free
  • Non-toxic, food-safe colours
  • Lots of colours to suit your taste or mood.
  • Different sizes for your need

For the greatest colour ranges, choose from the Tall or Regular Dinner Candle Collection

  • £1.60

    Dinner Candles, Tall

    Elegant and tall, this candle wants to be admired wherever you decide to put it. The 11.5 hours burn time are a true joy, and you will love every m...

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  • £1.35

    Dinner Candles, Regular

    When someone says: “Dinner Candle”, this is the size that will most likely pop into your head. It will fit most standard candle holders, and with...

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  • £1.00

    Dinner Candles, Tall & Slender

    The effect of a coloured group with this tall & slender candle, burning brightly on a slab of glass, marble or stone, is magical. And don’t be...

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  • 4 inch dinner candle yellow

    Dinner Candles, Short

    Our short length candle is very useful for your dinner table. It is high enough to cast a warm glow across the table without getting in the way. A...

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  • £0.40

    Spell Candle

    Sometimes you want to sit in a quiet corner and put a spell on a situation that can only get better. For this, you need our Spell Candles. This lit...

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  • £2.20

    Dinner Candles, Regular & Chunky

    Allow us introduce you to this fabulous size of a Dinner Candle. It will be part of an eye-catching, artistic candle group, or present at your dini...

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  • £0.40

    Christmas Tree Candle

    Ever thought of using real candles in a Christmas tree? We have done it for many years, and it is truly amazing. Of course, you can’t leave it al...

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  • £1.20

    Dinner Candles, Short & Chunky

    A brilliant choice if you are spending a festive evening around the dinner table or just on the sofa with a book. Watch the shadow and light the c...

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  • £2.95

    Tall & Chunky

    Hello candle lover, you really need this size in your life! You will wonder how you ever lived without it, once you have brought it into your home ...

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