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Candle Sets, Christmas Red

SKU 010307-6


Masterpieces Illuminated. Candle Sets

Rubens, Christmas Red

We are pleased to present our delightful set of 6 Christmas red candles, the perfect embodiment of festive charm! This candle set is one gift that will be used and enjoyed by all the candle lovers you know. Red, symbolising love and joy has always been a beloved choice during the festive season.

These captivating candles come elegantly packaged in an eco-gift box and are designed to kindle the Christmas spirit in your home. As you light them, the gentle glow of these dinner candles will create an atmosphere of love and tranquillity, ensuring that this Christmas will be filled with unforgettable memories. Let the festivities commence; you can order them now, whether you give them as a gift or keep them for yourself.