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Candle Sets, Piero Della Francesca Nativity

SKU 0103CH2-6

Masterpieces Illuminated. Boxes of Candles

Piero Della Francesca

 We are introducing our exquisite candle set of 6, inspired by the awe-inspiring Nativity painting by Piero Della Francesca. Step into a world of warmth, tranquillity, and peace as these candles effortlessly reflect the serene ambience of this timeless masterpiece.

 Each candle is crafted with utmost care and captures the essence of the birth of Jesus, bringing a touch of divine beauty to any space. This work of art was Piero Della Francesca’s last work and remained unfinished until the National Gallery in London restored it to its original beauty.

This candle set is a truly unique gift for art lovers.