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When it gets dark, make candles. 

Strands of pure cotton wick are immersed into a deep lake of warm wax. Gradually, with every dip, their colour begins to glow. Layer by layer you watch them grow until the most stunning candles have been created by your own hands. Their flame will be a bright, recreating moments of happiness and peace. 

Make your own candles in Plaristo Shop

  • Create personalised and meaningful gifts.
  • Make as many as you need
  • Make it an event with your friend(s) and family
  • It is cost effective if you use lots of candles in your daily life.

Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11.30

Choose the candles you like to make: 

  • Hand-dipped dinner candles (Ready candles get weighed at the end: £1.50 per 100g (an extra tall candle will cost approximately £1.75)
  • Candles in porcelain cups (Price depends on which container, wax, and Essential Oils you choose)
  • Melts
  • Tealights

Call 01797 222802 to book

Good to know:

Safety first:

There are hot boilers and hot wax involved in candle making. Please take care.  

We love children and they are most welcome, provided they are always supervised and together with an adult. Candle making is not suitable for small children. Please come to make your candles when you have both hands and mind free.


The minimum you will make is 4 candles (per one colour) and you can make as many as you like.  


Candles are weighed once you are done. £2.00 per 100g


Bring patience and time:

Sometimes the candles grow fast for our customers and at other times it can take longer than usual. At the end the candles need time to cool down before you are able to take them away. 

Please note that it takes at least 2 hours to make your candles, depending on quantity and size.