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Insect repellants

Enjoy precious summers evenings in the garden or with windows and doors wide open whilst keeping those irritating mosquitos, moths and numerous insects at bay. Our 100% natural insect repellants are guilt-free and effective.

  • £19.50

    Natural Citronella Candles

    The scent of  Citronella is gently released with this Vegetable Wax candles in an XL sustainable Glass. Burn time minimum 25 hours 100% natural Ess...

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  • £6.50

    Plaristo Citronella-scented tealights, 4 Hour Burn-time, Pack of 6

    Handmade by Plaristo For your peace of mind, Citronella is a natural and safe insect repellant.  100% Natural Citronella GM free Soya wax Pure Cot...

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  • £6.95

    Citronella Melt Bundle

    CITRONELLA is excellent as a minimum risk pesticide and more effective than most natural insect repellents Made from 100% GM free Soya Wax grown in...

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  • £8.25

    Citronella Essential Oil 15ml

    ALSO CALLED LEMON-BALM CITRONELLA has been used for centuries in Eastern Medicines to treat rashes and infections. It is popular as a minimum risk...

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