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6 natural ways to cope in the Moth Season

6 natural ways to cope in the Moth Season

6 natural ways to cope during Moth Season


It’s July and we are in the middle of the annual moth season.

At this point of the year, I am extra vigilant. Keeping on top of this now, will safe a lot of trouble later.

Today I will share with you my proven, natural methods, which in all 30 years, that I have been a weaver and knitter has never let me down. If like me, you have a lot of natural yarns, rugs and hangings around the house, or if you value your precious cardigans and jumpers then you will love the following tips and products.

The female clothes moth has yellow and shiny front wings with lighter rear wings. They lay 100 – 200 individual eggs in material. (shudder!!) The grubs hatch after 14 days, left undisturbed they grow to around 15mm long and take approx. 3 months to develop into moths. In this time they can do a lot of damage.  


  1. Early detection is key. During early summer, moths will fly into the house and find places to lay their eggs. Once they have nested in, it is hard to win the battle. People have been known to move house, because they can’t get rid of this nasty plague. Keep checking and looking through your yarns and clothes. Bring in light and air. Put the most precious of your garments in airtight bags.
  2. Clean clothes and yarns moths are put off by clean clothes. Make sure you put nothing in the wardrobe that you have worn, it’s like an open invitation for the little pests.
  3. Eco friendly Mothboxes are a great way to monitor the situation and to catch them before they become a problem. I hang these natural adhesive traps, that contain non-toxic and odourless Pheromones in strategic places around the house and in wardrobes.
  4. Natural Sachets, to hang into wardrobes and lay into drawers. Colibri 100% Natural are a great way to keep the moths off your clothes and yarns. They last up to 6 months and are an all year useful deterrent.
  5. Moth Oil, Wood care agent. A ready to use emulsion with lavandin oil and plant based carnauba wax. Moths can lay their eggs in wooden floors and cracks. This oil is especially suitable for spraying on wooden services.
  6. Neem Oil, is a wonder oil in the fight against moths. My bottle is never far from my reach at this time of year. Everything gets sprayed. Balls of wool, shelves, curtains, clothes etc. The oil which is gained from seeds of the Indian Neem tree attracts the moths and disables the sexual ability for them to reproduce. To be honest I use it as a gun and shoot whenever a moth comes anywhere near my yarns. Neem Oil is also a great, non toxic pest control for all your houseplants.