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Spell Candle

SKU 010701

Sometimes you want to sit in a quiet corner and put a spell on a situation that can only get better. For this, you need our Spell Candles. This little candle of joy will give you its life in the span of 2 hours, after which the world surely has to feel better. 

We often have a little vase, filled with these beauties, in various colours at our table where they are cute as a button and look as good as fresh flowers.


    Candlewax -  Purified Paraffin
    Wick - Cotton
    Free from Toxins
    Colour - dyed-through solid, food-safe dyes
    Shades - 12
    Burn-time 2 hrs
    Height - 110 mm / 4"
    Width - 13 mm / 0.5"
    SKU - 0107