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Dinner Candles, Regular & Chunky

SKU 010501

Allow us introduce you to this fabulous size of a Dinner Candle. It will be part of an eye-catching, artistic candle group, or present at your dining table shining brightly during memorable meals, out on the patio during a beautiful summer’s night or on a rainy Sunday afternoon when it keeps you company whilst you are curled up on the sofa, with a book. Whatever you may need a candle for, this one will do the job.

    Candlewax -  Purified Paraffin
    Wick - Cotton
    Free from Toxins
    Colour - dyed-through solid, food-safe dyes
    Shades - 4
    Burn-time - 10.5 hrs
    Height - 180 mm / 7"
    Width - 28 mm / 1.1"
    SKU - 0105