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Chamomile Wax Melt, qty 6


Chamomile, the great healer among natural oils. This plant keeps on giving:

  • Helps with rheumatism

  • Alleviates allergic reactions

  • Eases nervousness and tension headaches

  • Boosts immunity, stimulates white blood cells

  • Eases tension and calms irritability, helps with restful sleep

  • Strengthens immunity: first line defence against viruses and infection

! Particularly suitable for infants and small children

About Wax Melts: 

Made from 100% GM free Soya Wax grown in Europe and pure Essential Oils, our WAX MELTS are of luxury quality.

Gently melted in an Oil-burner by a burning tealight, Wax Melts are a beautiful way to lock the precious Essential Oil that will fill your home with a unique  scent. To refresh the long lasting Melt, add a few drops of Chamomile Essential Oil to your Wax Melt.

Tip: put a saucer on top of the Oil burner, when not in use to keep the wax clean.

Perfect with our Oil-burners and Tealights