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Plaristo unscented CBD tealights, 3 hour burn-time, pack of 6


Plaristo CBD tealights are a great aid to relaxation at the end of a stressful day.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient of cannabis, derived from the hemp plant. CBD is said to help conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and pain, including rheumatic/arthritic pain.

Plaristo's CBD tealights are an aroma therapy way to absorb CBD, which means you get the benefits quicker than by taking the CBD orally. They are made from GM-free European Soya wax, pure cotton wicks. The tealights come in 2 sizes - 3 hour or 4 hour burning time - and are supplied unscented or with 100% natural essential oils. They contain 0.02% CBD and 0% THC (the illegal psychoactive ingredient in cannabis).

Taking CBD in any form should be a personal choice. Do make sure that anyone who is partaking of this aroma therapy with you is happy to do so.