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Aeschynanthus Rasta


Aeschynanthus Twister, Hanging Lipstick Plant



A rare plant that is not often available. One of our favourite houseplants. The tribular scarlet flowers are stunning and will give you pleasure for many months of the year.


This is a plant of moderations. Plenty of light but not all day long and definitely no direct sunlight. Keep away from draft please!


Do not be fooled by the cactus title, this plant so proudly carries. It does love water but only in moderation, do not allow to be soaked, but also do not let the soil dry out. I water mine a small amount 1x a week in winter and 2 -3 times in summer.

Loves high humidity, spray regularly


Doesn’t like the cold! Keep it around 18degree C


Pot Ø 15cm x 35cm

 Supplied in hanging pot with drip tray