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Dinner Candles, Short x 7

Bundles of 7

Our short length candle is very useful for your dinner table. It is high enough to cast a warm glow across the table, without getting in the way. And with 4 hours burn time, it will burn long enough to accompany any dining event without any problems. 

The length looks also great within a group of different dinner candles you may be using.

Wax - Purified Paraffin
Wick - Cotton
Free from Toxins
Colour - Dyed-through, solid food-safe dyes
Shades - 19
Burn-time - 4.5 hrs
Height - 100 mm / 4"
Width - 22 mm / 0.86
SKU - 0101
  • £5.00

    Dinner Candles, Short x7

    This handy size amongst our Dinner Candle Collections in bunches of 7. Try your favourite colour or enjoy a mixed colour bunch.  Our short ...

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