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Extra-Tall Dinner Candles, handmade

Luxury Dinner Candles

Solid dyed, extra tall (34cm) dinner candles hand made by Plaristo in our studio in Rye.

These elegant beauties will grace your dinner table and light up your space. Just fit them into your regular candle holder or attach them to a slab of stone with our super sticky pads and they will give you 13+ hours of drip and smoke-free burn times to create a beautiful atmosphere.

We can also make you a custom-sized and coloured candle (minimum order 50+) to fit your wedding colours or event. Get in touch for details.

 The search was on to assemble the world’s best raw materials to create a luxury solid coloured candle, that would burn slowly, with a bright and smoke-free flame. We found industry leaders in the global candle market committed to producing dyes, wicks, and wax to the highest quality and ethical standards.

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