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Customer Reviews

On 13 Feb 2021

I absolutely love the candles. They fit perfectly into my candle holder. Kind regards, Sharron

On 13 Feb 2021

Thank you so much for emailing me! Just to let you know my second order arrived yesterday and the candles are gorgeous, they’re such good quality so I know I will be ordering from you again! Best wishes, Claire 

On 12 Feb 2021

 Thank you so much for getting back to me! I have infact just received the parcel now and i absolutely love everything! I will definitely be purchasing from you again and will make sure to share your website with my family and friends. Thank you again for all of your help, Amy.

On 11 Feb 2021 

These are absolutely perfect, thank you very much 😊Thanks, Sophie

On 11 Feb 2021
We were impressed with our first order, the candle colour was just what we wanted and they did not drip at all.
I am sure we will be back again. Kind regards, Jane 

On 10 Feb 2021 

They look amazing thanks. Copied my colleagues in who are also sending out to clients for networking events. Really appreciate the service. James

8 Feb 2021

We love your candles, they bring so much joy. I work as a CBT Therapist for the NHS and like to reward myself with your lovely candles. I am loyal to you, ever since we came to Rye on holiday and bought some candles for a gift. We hope business is booming and that you have not been too badly hit by the pandemic. Warmest wishes, Danielle. 

6 Feb 2021

Hi Plaristo, I ordered the ivory tall dinner candles recently and was really impressed with the quality, they fit perfectly in my candelabras for my wedding. Many thanks, Laura

6 Feb 2021

I am so thrilled to have found you and your beautiful candles! I use them for photos (and for my own use) for my own little business selling candle sticks made from colourful concrete 😊. Thank you again! I’ve told half of Instagram about your candles 😂 Kind regards, Rebecca

6 Feb 2021

I have received my candles and I am very pleased with them. Best Wishes, Margaret

 3 Feb 2021

You might have guessed that I am not using all these candles for personal use (as much as I love them!) - I have actually recently started my own small business, selling hand painted candles on Instagram. I paint fruit and flowers and fish on candles, and your’s are the best ones I’ve found. They’re such good quality and I love the colours. So please do expect the orders to keep coming! All my best,



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